INSIGHT 3D Design Web Design & Development Socials Metaverse APRIL 2022 FlickyGang is FlickPlay’s genesis collection of 2222 3D AR-ready characters. STRATEGY NFT COLLECTION Motion Graphics, Design & Social Media Strategy are part of the fun work they made for this client, with the goal of taking FLICKYGANG to the next level. Motion Graphics, Design […]


GOONIEZ INSIGHT NFT Project Innovation Design Socials Strategy APRIL 2022 Gooniez gang brought chaos to Croing STRATEGY GOONIEZ x CROING The successful NFT project chose CROING as its creative and digital agency. We created the aesthetic and social media strategy of their Instagram. Credits CLIENT GOONIEZ SERVICES NFT, Motion, Socials, Strategy TEAM


INSIGHT 3D Design Web Design & Development Socials Metaverse APRIL 2022 CROING, as Oreo’s innovative agency, designed and developed an immersive #OreoWorld. STRATEGY Interaction of space 3.0 and entertainment Creating a strategy based on the interaction of space 3.0 and entertainment, we designed a set of 3D pieces, ASMR sounds and web design that make […]


Web design & Development | web design awards INSIGHT NFT Strategy Web Design & Development Web 3.0 Socials MAY 2022 Web 3.0 is the evolution of user interaction on the internet.At CROING we know that change constantly. That’s why we keepcreating the future of big brands. INNOVATION Full immersive andinteractive web 3.0 We designed and […]


INSIGHT Branding Innovation Design UX/UI Design Socials DECEMBER 2020 Moveler is a mobile app for Show Travelers that shows the different and recognized locations around the world where famous movies and series have been filmed. PROCESS Naming, logo, and brandbook After getting to know the client, its product and brand, the creative and design areas are […]


INSIGHT Strategy Art Direction Socials Innovation Design DECEMBER 2020 Tropea is an argentinian fashion brand dedicated to the production and sale of wallets, shoes and accessories with exclusive and eye-catching designs. CAMPAIGN “Soltar”, a Summer Sale Campaign CROING, as a creative and digital agency, developed its Summer SALE Campaign called “Soltar”. CONCEPT Letting uncomfortable 
situations go away The concept played with […]


INSIGHT Socials AR Filters Motion Graphics SEPTEMBER 2021 In partnership with Cinco Yardas Agency, we designed and developed the campaign for #UnlockedWeek for the sports brand Reebok. SUMMARY 360º Digital Campaign This project consisted in a 360 digital campaign that included Instagram filters published on all the accounts of Reebok LATAM. CONCEPT Interact with
 Unlocked […]


INSIGHT Web Design & Development Innovation design DECEMBER 2020 Estating is a global marketplace for premium properties located in Luxembourg. THE CHALLENGE 3 targets,
same website The challenge of this website was to communicate for 3 different targets on the same website. Web design and development is a challenge (but a fun one when it comes […]


INSIGHT Socials Strategy 3D Design Motion Graphics Web Design & Development NOVEMBER 2021 The Genius Immersive Experience is a creative journey through the eyes of da Vinci, today located in Berlin. SUMMARY The Experience This experience sets the tone for the next generation of shows. Just as Leonardo da Vinci was ahead of his time, […]

45<br>by Director

45 BY DIRECTOR INSIGHT Strategy Film Production Socials Web Design & Development DECEMBER 2020 CROING’s first short-film: Elegantly Bold 45 by Director is a 5 star hotel based in Chile. THE RESULT High level film The creative process of this film began with the scripting and concept design of the project, production and art direction […]