Design 3.0

By Ana Da Silva


Ana Da Silva is Head of Design at CROING, she is in charge of all the visual and aesthetic strategies of the agency. Her critical and professional eye is present even in the smallest detail.

Ana leads different projects ranging from web 3.0 design, through branding creation to her most recent NFT projects.

We want to share her views on design and new technologies for NFT, Web 3.0 projects.

1. What are the website/s that have had the biggest impact on you this year and what were the technical or design aspects that impressed you about these websites?

At CROING, is very important to keep up with trends and technology in the industry, that’s why the biggest impact for our company has been immersive and NFT related websites. Here are some examples: It’s interesting how they combined storytelling, visuals, and an immersive experience for an e-commerce website. It’s a very creative and innovative idea I haven’t seen anywhere before. As we enter the digital world/metaverse, it’s more and more important to have these digital spaces and immersive experiences to discover new things and learn. As an art lover, the idea of visiting a museum from my living room and being able to get inside of one of those paintings to explore it and have my own vision of it it’s just mind-blowing

2. What Technologies, Applications, Platforms, and Tools do you use when you’re working on digital projects? If you’re a developer, share your workflow.

As a graphic and UX/UI designer, I use most of the Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Adobe Xd, Photoshop, Illustrator), combined with Figma for web design layouts and blender for the 3D and most innovative side of our designs. At CROING, we use different technologies such as WordPress as a CMS, Elementor as page builder, Lottie for Animations, Crocoblock Jetengine for dynamic content and React from Javascript

3. What is your vision of the future of interaction design and the digital industry?

The industry is heading the decentralized direction, everyone will own in the next 2 years a digital asset and will use crypto to transac. The connect to the wallet bottom is just the start for the websites. We are defenetly interest in NFT, from the strategy to the development of the sites. We are working with different projects at the moment and we will suport our clients on developing the smart contracts with inhouse Solidity developers.

As futuristic I see websites become the portals to enter new universes starting with an imersive website, and with AR or VR open that world. I see websites integrating avatars, and being automaticly adaptable in terms of aesthetics and text based on the research and the taste of each user.

Regarding NFTs I think we’ll be learning more about a person based on which projects they like and this will become a big shift within social media, design and the way we as a society relate and learn more about each other.

Aesthetics in the 3.0 world is key to the branding of NFT projects, the metaverse and websites. It is not only a way to generate identity but also to be the hook with the community.

Are you up to the challenge of designing for Web 3.0? Let’s get started