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Without a doubt, Facebook and Instagram have captured the attention of the majority of users and have become key platforms to generate an approach with the desired audience. But it should be noted that there are other specific sites for different industries, for example for professionals in the creative sector.
What is it? and what is it about?

Behance has become a key social network for those creatives who want to publicize their work, exchange design and creativity opinions and / or find employment. So why is it becoming such an interesting platform for CROING?

The agency has two pillars: creativity and digitization. On one hand, the agency pursues creativity and makes the most of this potential in each campaign and project it carries out. For that, the references in different creative platforms are the push you need to make your imagination fly. And on the other hand, the new updates and the endless tools offered by the digital world serve as support, so that the agency can, in addition to showing its work, constantly innovate.

Behance becomes totally attractive for the agency because it allows you to upload your portfolio online and in turn receive feedback from different professionals in the industry, this helps to enrich the work and in turn to generate an always-on relationship with the universe of creatives that coexist within the platform.

It should be noted that Behance protects copyrights, offers statistics to evaluate the performance of your profile and thus adjust strategies and provides tutorials and professional challenges for all those who dare to participate. Great opportunities to improve your profile and work!

Currently in this globalized and hyperdigitalized world, digital pieces are more relevant than graphics, so finding strategic channels to upload content and position yourself has become essential for all those brands, agencies, companies and people who want to make the most of their business.

Behance not only gives us the opportunity to create our own community, connecting and interacting with other creatives around the world, but it also helps us gain more visibility and credibility in the market, both to get new clients and face new challenges, as well as to become in important references and inspire others with our work and dedication. Ana Da Silva, Head of Design at CROING.

By Ana Da Silva, Head of Art & UX Design at CROING.


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