Visual and communicational aesthetics of a brand, product or campaign so that it is recognized, coherent and efficient. Branding allows for the communication to generate emotional reactions in the target audience. If you work well, the reactions are positive and any information given by the brand is understood and retained.

Work process:


We send an aesthetic survey to the client to understand their expectations.


We design aesthetic and communicational proposals for the brand.


We develop the brandbook, product or campaign with the chosen applications, digital and physical colors, typography and brand elements.


Branding helps your company communicate a message by providing information, sharing ideas and persuading your potential customers.

Ana Da Silva

Head of Art & UX Design at CROING


Usually, branding becomes one of the main assets of the company.


It facilitates the recognition of the brand or campaign by the target audience.


It marks the starting point for the handling of graphic and digital pieces and communication campaigns, among others.


It improves the perceived quality of the products and services offered.


Branding is the first stage of the experience, and the first emotion we generate in our target.

At CROING we have a team of specialists in branding, art direction, creative communication and graphic design. We apply what we know to find the aesthetic connection and communication between each client and their target. Learn more about other services we offer.