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Dec 4, 2020 | Social Media | 0 comments

You have probably heard that TikTok is a protagonist in the world of entertainment and digital business. You’ve probably heard of its ease of use and how beneficial it can be for your brand, if taken advantage of all the tools that the platform provides. So, TikTok has to be in your 2021 strategy.

From Croing we can confirm: applying a marketing and communication strategy to measure, served us to generate great engagement (content that reached 34k views and more than 2k likes). It happens that if you are not on TikTok, You may lose your rhythm in the digital world.

A clear example of the success achieved through this skillful and creative social network, is Red Bull: following their slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”, the energy drink created extreme sports videos with athletes doing aerobatics and reached more than 3.7 million followers.

Another example? Airbnb was one of the big brands that, taking advantage of the popularity of TikTok, it knew how to generate attractive and valuable content to win to the general crisis in the world and attract an audience that, in turn, knew exploit hashtags to the maximum.

TikTok is the leading video platform in the two key points of the world digital: The United States and Asia, where it has more than 800 million users. They are mainly young GenZ,  early adopters of our product or service. We speak to future decision-makers, omnishoppers by nature that prioritize the value over the price of a product, and tend to develop strong links and loyalty to brands.

Therefore, TikTok is a strategic platform for all brands that seek to generate approach through creativity: we are in front of a new big player of digital communication. As a creative and digital agency in seeking constant innovation, we believe that a strategy on TikTok is key in the future of your brand, and we look forward to helping you build it.

By Martina Musso, Community Manager at CROING.


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