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This year we have had the pleasure of BULB, Marketing Magazine, making a report about our agency. This material summarizes who we are and where we’re going individually and collectively. For all those who don’t know us … here we go!

At CROING we have an innovative mindset that enhances global communications and experiences, ranging from strategy and design to production and performance on digital and physical platforms. The commitment to horizontality leads us to think of collaboration over competition as a way forward, so that each of our members develops their maximum individual potential and gives their opinion freely. “In the team, we have a self-imposed demand on the aesthetic quality of all the work we do, always aiming for communicational pieces that make us feel proud” Ana Da Silva, Head of Design at CROING.

“We are full communication builders, we unconditionally accompany our clients throughout the communication process and in the adaptation of creative narratives to the poly-platforms offered by the market.” Alejandra Salazar, CEO of CROING.

Our agency operates globally in the USA, Chile, Spain and Argentina for various brands, companies and media such as Victoria’s Secret, FlickPlay, Diageo, Starbucks, NUUV and recently Adidas and Reebok; creating, designing, testing and implementing creative and innovation campaigns. Clients who come to our agency are looking for a creative partner to maintain an always on, or start with innovation projects and digital changes that adapt to the current and consumer demands through long, mid & short form content.

“We opened our TikTok profile, where we all have participated, losing the shame of the video because we saw the potential and scope of the platform. We had to be Early Adopters to be able to offer the service to customers, the same happened with Instagram Reels. We focus on understanding how to take advantage of updates and new digital platforms to offer new paths to our Clients and Partners.’‘ Anggie Salazar, Head of Global Marketing at CROING.

At CROING we proposed two programs to improve communication and find functional ways to innovate. On one hand “CROING on board”, collaborative sessions with each client to understand their communicational problems, their context and the people with whom they are involved, to have processes, KPIs and CROING BULB 3 innovative and effective executions. And on the other side are the Innovation hubs, joint meetings between our agency members, open to consultants, external collaborators and clients with the aim of exchanging data and points of view on creativity, technology and omnichannel solutions. This approach seeks to rethink business models and find opportunities using digital and physical innovation.

Internally, our team bets on horizontality as a way forward in which collaboration, self-management and trust guide our day to day. This focus based on the individual purpose of each member guides our culture. Our multicultural and multidisciplinary staff is made up of designers, engineers, creative writers, communicators, advertisers, musicians, content creators and specialists in offline and online marketing.

“The inspiration to organize ourselves horizontally comes from finding a sustainable and scalable model, where all members are free to comment on any company issue. This trust (and responsibility) seeks for CROING to grow, while everyone grows individually and no one remains behind.” Nicolas Franco, Head of Tech and Culture at CROING.

After having founded CROING where management positions are led mostly by women, Alejandra Salazar, our CEO, applied to lead Ladies, Wine and Design in Buenos Aires, a global NGO that seeks more presence of women decision makers in the creative industry. After obtaining it, today all the women of the agency lead the Buenos Aires chapter, and we focus on giving greater visibility to creative women and the advertising industry through monthly meetings. In addition, our agency has been involved since its inception with Todos Hacemos Música, THM, an organization that promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities through music, carrying out digital and audiovisual campaigns.

CROING is an agency committed to pushing itself upwards through horizontality, and we always make sure to have one foot forward on the path of innovation. Through active listening, reciprocity of experiences and knowledge among the members of our community, at CROING we position ourselves as an innovative agency, with a high global impact, rich media productive tools that speed up and facilitate both internal and external work.

The combination of both visions allows us to be the hook with the future for your clients, without neglecting the present. Let’s get started!

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