CROING INSIDE: Being an Account Manager in the digital world

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“It is a process of constant learning, of negotiation, where human qualities go hand in hand with more practical tools that facilitate the day-to-day work.”

Camila Lessire is Account Manager at CROING, a creative and digital agency. Graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela as a social communicator, she also completed a Master in Communication and Cultural Creation.

Currently our Account Manager, in addition to managing and organizing the relationship between CROING and its clients, is in charge of proposing and evaluating new strategies to enhance the brands and companies that work with our agency.

In this CROING INSIDE, besides knowing the challenges of her work, Cami (as we affectionately call her) explains the importance of this role within the agencies and its potential in the digital universe.

Being an Account Manager means being the connection between the client and the agency. What are the daily challenges in your area?

I think the biggest challenge is to understand the different levels of management required to manage an account, from the operational to the most strategic. It is necessary to have an eye for detail, to know the client in order to be able to give feedback and offer a quality service. But you also have to look at the big picture: what is working, what can be improved, what is best for the client, but also what is best for the agency.

The core of the Account Manager is based on management, follow-up and containment. Working with the organization of the internal team, their needs and times is also important. It is a process of constant learning, negotiation, where human qualities go hand in hand with more practical tools that facilitate the day-to-day work.

Why do you think the role of the Account Manager is key in digital and creative agencies? What benefits has it brought and brings to CROING?

The role of the Account Manager is fundamental because it is one of the hinge points between the team and the client. It allows to establish processes, and improvements to those processes, so that the workflow is carried out in the best possible way. A good Account Manager empowers the agency, the team and the client by providing an integrated vision of the service provided.

For a creative and digital agency like CROING this role has benefited in:
• Optimization of organizational processes.
• Understanding of the team’s time supported by TEAL fundamentals.
• Testing different ways of doing things according to the evolution of the creative and digital context.
• Providing better customer service.

What advantages and disadvantages do you consider that the job of Account manager has in relation to this new context of digital transformation, hyperdigitization and globalization?

A great advantage of the digital transformation is that it has allowed us to grow hand in hand with tools like Notion, where processes are settled, each team member can trace their tasks, create their agenda and generate customized views.

Globalization has allowed us to work with different clients around the world as if we were sharing the same office. We can have follow-up meetings and create projects together.

If I think of a disadvantage it would be the hyper connectivity where the boundary between work spaces and personal environment is blurred a little, to overcome this is key to customer education and have clear rules of work where everyone is respected and valued.

Could you tell us what are your 3 skills to maintain and optimize the internal organization of the team and also for the client?

• Constant order (it is never enough and at any moment it can get messy).
• Empathy, team-facing and client-facing.
• Holistic view of the accounts

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