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Ana Da Silva is Head of Design at CROING. Influenced by art from a very young age, Ani (as we affectionately call her at the agency) has become a fundamental part of the engine that moves CROING every day.

Her professionalism and her critical and creative eye has allowed her to participate in various projects with clients such as Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, Flickplay, Electrolux, YPF, among others. She has also given life to new brands through branding and visual identity design.

In this new CROING INSIDE, our Head of Design shares with us the importance of quality in the creative pieces she designs with the team and being open-minded to the trends and references of the online and offline world.

Let’s get started!

“I think that’s what graphic design is all about: observation, perseverance and innovation” 

What is graphic design both in your personal and professional life?

For me graphic design is everything, it’s my passion and always has been since I was very young. Art, always giving my best in any visual project I get involved in, is very important to me. Professionally it’s a constant challenge and I’m always looking to reinvent myself. If there is something I don’t know I research it, learn it and practice it. In my daily life I find myself constantly analyzing the design of anything that comes my way and I ask myself how I could improve it. I think that’s what graphic design is all about, observation, perseverance and innovation.

Leading such an important area in an agency that seeks to distinguish itself precisely for its avant-garde designs must not be easy. What are the day-by-day challenges in the design area?

It is very important for the entire design team to be always up-to-date with all the trends and to refer to them before taking on any project in order to have a broader vision. We have been improving the process little by little and today the aesthetic quality required is not only promoted by me as Head of Design, but also by each of our colleagues and clients who are surprised by the projects we present.

CROING seeks to maintain its professionalism in every project it delivers. What are the keys to maintain such professionalism and commitment to the demands of the agency and the client?

I repeat it many times but the truth is that it is key; always look for references and new trends that inspire us, aim to always give and do our best in any project or piece that we face and propose new tools, new platforms, new ideas. That always gives a plus for the client that, even if he/she decides not to implement the proposed ideas at first, in the future when he/she thinks of an innovative team for new projects, he/she will think in CROING.

Finally, what new design trends are we seeing and will continue to see in 2021?

Although the trends vary a bit depending on the formats (web, editorial, social media, etc.) the most important ones we have seen so far and will continue to see throughout the year are 3D design, animated gifs or motion graphics, micro animations for digital platforms such as apps or websites, brutalism, chaotic typography layouts and a lot of use of emojis.

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