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Every month at CROING we want to bring you a new interview with different members of our team so that you know us more and can learn about the different areas in our agency.

Motion Graphics allows moving images, typography, photographs, titles, colors and designs and to reinforce that feeling of movement is sometimes combined with sounds that provide dynamism and realism.

Natalia: our Art Director, and Moisés: our UX Designer, are part of the design team within CROING. Both have worked with motion graphics for large clients such as Diageo, Flickplay, Adidas, Reebok, Nuuv, among others and here they share their experience with us.

What is Motion Graphics in one sentence for you?

Natalia: Challenges for those who don’t dare, and innovative results for those who have already included it in their designs and strategies.

Moisés: It’s the freedom of movement that leads to better visual and aesthetic results.

What is it currently used for?

N: It is used to revive and give fluidity to images, texts and videos, giving a more meaningful level to the message and content that is displayed.

M: Motion is used to create graphic messages with movement, breaking communication and design paradigms.

What’s the difference between animation and Motion Graphics?

N: Animation is linked, as the word says, to animating characters, while motion graphics is taking graphic design resources and bringing them to life through movement. This movement responds in turn to certain objectives and strategies.

M: There’s a fine line that divides animation and motion, while animation is everything that visually has movement in cartoons, graphics, etc. motion graphic is all content creation according to graphic design criteria that has movement.

Why including it in the strategy and design?

-N: Motion graphics, without a doubt, is a way to innovate. Emphasize the message we want to communicate, making the content attractive, a1ttractive and innovative. It’s important for it to be included in any strategy, because it guarantees the attention of a potential client.

-M: The motion is cool and attractive to the eye of the user. It creates a much longer lasting sensory response, therefore it’s easier to retain. Plus, build motivation and explanation by creating a powerful and impactful story for consumers.

What are the trends in Motion Graphics for this 2021?

N: This year, trends aim to animations in static pieces to highlight certain details and rescue analog elements such as stickers, kinetic typography, gifs, among others.

M: 2021 will bring us more optical illusions, a modern style that will blow the user’s mind. We will also see more gradients, a type of treatment of images, colors and elements, and the use of black value, dark and elegant environments both in web trends and in the creation of motion graphics.


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