Design trends: How to Innovate in 2021?

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Dec 4, 2020 | Social Media | 0 comments

From CROING, as a creative and digital agency, we seek to innovateconstantly. It’s not only about revolutionizing with our services and with innovative content, but to go out of the conventional and break structures with our creativity.

Digital is the world we live in, and knowing how to capture and maintain the attention of users, is essential for our campaigns. That’s why our design team brings us closer to the design trends that will mark 2021 and that will generate the engagement that we all seek. Which will be?

  • More and more gifs. One of the most common myths about graphic design is which has to be static by nature, however the world is not like that, so using motion graphic is the key to breaking this myth.
  • Animated logos. Animations grab and hold the user’s attention, so it is one of the best options to apply to a logo today.
  • Micro-animations. Whether it’s for a web page or an app, we will see microanimations in small elements that can make a big difference,such as buttons, call to actions, cursors, images, etc.
  • 3D Design. One of the most important trends in this area is the design of 3D logos, or adaptaing 2D logos to 3D. Another way to apply it will be to combine 3D objects or elements with photographs, illustrations and 2D designs, to add a touch of depth and reality to designs.
  • Emojis. It will be a good option to apply them to different occasions, from animated websites, to store fronts and public roads.
  • Augmented Reality. Activations with AR increase the participation 1.9 times more clients than traditional activations. AR is a strategic way to stay at the top of mind of your audience.

Design gives us the possibility to continue telling our story in a way that goes through all the senses of our audience. It’s a way of
keeping the always on and of achieving a position in the top of mind of our target.

2021 will be 100% design and creativity.

By Ana Da Silva, Head of Art & UX Design at CROING.


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