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Email, far from becoming an obsolete medium, has become increasingly effective, especially nowadays. Being within one of the first online communication channels, newsletters are currently positioned as one of the most advantageous marketing tools to make your brand known and keep you in the top of mind of your audience. At CROING we tell you why and how we do it.

DIGITAL TIMES is the name of the newsletter we created and send weekly to our community. This has become the main channel through which new and potential clients arrive.

Part of a strategy

The newsletter is a channel that boosts conversion and loyalty with your audience, it is also used to generate more traffic to other channels that your brand or company has. But don’t forget that mailing strategies must always be aligned with marketing and communication strategies to achieve a greater impact in the minds of your target audience.

At CROING we select content created by the agency with an extra value that attracts the attention of those who receive the newsletter. These can be articles, posts from the agency’s networks, useful information from our website, among others.

Creative Challenge

The creative challenge is to choose a line of content per email. This is very important because if we send a variety of unrelated information in the same e-mail, it can confuse the reader. To avoid this confusion, our agency has two different email formats that seek, in addition to communicating, to please the curiosity of subscribers who expect to receive different and valuable content.


The next step is taken by the design team through the creation of striking and innovative graphic pieces. As a creative and digital agency we always seek to surprise in each of our newsletters, not only through the design but also through the trends we include. For example, this year we have included micro-animations that capture the reader’s attention faster and invite them to perform the desired action.

Implementation and Improvement

Sending the newsletter is not the final step. Otherwise, at that point a new job begins: interpreting the results. The opening rate and number of clicks are very useful data to understand the impact generated on the audience. It is not the same if the number of clicks is maintained until the end of the newsletter as if it does not exceed half of it. This could have several interpretations: a very long newsletter, content that is not relevant to the audience, lack of CTAs, unattractive wording, among others.

At CROING we are ready to implement mailing campaigns for your brand.

Let’s get started!

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By Carolina Didulski, Content & Communication manager at CROING.

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