Influencer marketing

In an online world full of offers, products and services, we have all consulted a friend or acquaintance who knows about brands before buying or making any decision. That power to generate a person-to-person approach is often not achieved by brands, which is why it has become essential to include influencers in our marketing strategies.

Work process:


Having clear the target and the objectives of the brand or company, we propose influencers that have the necessary reach.


We manage the contact of influencers that have interaction with the target audience.


We generate agreements that will strengthen the brand and improve its positioning against the competition.


We have worked with influencers for different clients and the results were undoubtedly favorable in terms of reach and engagement achieved. Applying influencer marketing to our clients’ strategies allowed us to dialogue directly with the target; it meant freshness and creativity in the language shared by the brands and their audiences.

Martina Musso

Community Manager at Croing


Reach your target audience with a trusted and credible person.


Increase the reach and visibility of your publications and, therefore, increase the chances of generating more customers.


Promote a specific service or product through the creativity of the influencer.


In CROING we have developed content for Social Media and audiovisual material with influencers in Chile and both the experience and the results were very enriching. We understand the potential of this group of people and we have added it as a strategy for brands.