Ladies, Wine & Design: Give Visibility to More Creative Women

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Ladies, Wine & Design LWD is a worldwide initiative that is present in 280 cities. It was founded by Jessica Walsh, an american renowned graphic designer. She arrived in Argentina more than a year ago.

The women who are part of CROING, participate in LWD’s Buenos Aires chapter, as both organizations share values ​​and objectives for the advertising industry. Do you want to know more about this chapter of Ladies?

Alejandra Salazar, CEO of the digital agency CROING, leads this chapter and together with the community of women behind the chapter, they have a clear objective: to be a vehicle in the recognition and visibility of more creative women in the industry.

Why give more visibility to women? Because the figures speak for themselves.

In art schools, 70% of the students are women, however, the creativity departments in the different agencies are managed 92% by men.

But that’s not all, 96% of the agencies belong to male professionals, and in their management, there’s also a high percentage (69%) of positions such as directorships, presidencies and heads dominated by men.

Ladies, Wine & Design Buenos Aires seeks to generate opportunities to change the numbers and promote the talent of more women. Every month at least 2 meetings are organized with different industry leaders to discuss and exchange experiences. The purpose of these events (now online) is that more women are encouraged to raise their voices and achieve the recognition they deserve.

So far they have held 16 online and offline events and their speakers include: Melanie Tobal, Yan de Simone, Emilia Ruiz de Olano, Gigi Gutierrez, Mariela La Rocca, the influencers Agustina Cabaleiro and Martina Luna, among many more.

Ladies and CROING celebrate and support changes not only within the industry, but also at a societal level. What about you? Do you know and support initiatives like these?

By Carolina Didulski, Content & Communication manager at CROING.


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