LinkedIn Networking

The fact that companies are on LinkedIn expands their B2B customer acquisition, especially in times that are increasingly digital. LinkedIn is a professional platform with a really segmented target so having a good performance there increases the chances of success of any strategy, mainly B2B.

Work process


We evaluate with the client their goals and target.


We design contact messages and content graphics for professional brand profile.


We generate new contacts in your network to get meetings and contact with new potential customers.


If you are part of a B2B company, your next client is on Linkedin waiting for your message offering your services.

We work on finding him/her and getting meetings to create a business relationships.

Anggie Salazar

Head of Global Marketing at CROING


Qualified leads for your company.


Direct contact with decision makers.


Generation of contacts and meetings with potential clients.


Creation of valuable content that shows experience of your brand, service or product.


In LinkedIn no one is unreachable

In CROING we have a specialist in the platform, trained by LinkedIn corp, who leads, together with our team of analysts, the strategies to report results to make intelligent decisions. Learn more about other services we offer.