Mailing Campaigns

A mailing campaign is key to be in the top of mind of your potential clients. By sharing information about your field, your company and your products you can manage to be remembered and conitnue to be present in the buyer’s journey of your target.

Work process


We evaluate together with the client the material to be communicated.


We send aesthetic and communication proposals that allow the message to be effectively delivered.


We design the mailing and send it through platforms to the customer’s database and analyze the statistics provided by the shipping platform to make design adjustments.


Do you want to be in the top of mind of your potential customers?

Remind them what your product or service is about through the mailing, by receiving relevant information periodically they will contact you when the need for the service or product you offer arises.

Anggie Salazar

Head of Global Marketing at CROING


Keeps the company, brand or product in the top of mind of potential customers through a direct channel of information and communication.


It offers information on opening rates, where they click to understand their interests.


Allows you to promote and sell your products or services.


Reports high conversion rates and loyalty thanks to user segmentation.


Mailing is one of the most effective channels for generating revenue/conversions.

At CROING we have developed various mailing campaigns and we have our own mailing which allows us to perfect our experience with platforms and content strategies on a daily basis and make intelligent decisions both for us and for our clients. You can subscribe to our mailing by clicking here and here to learn more about other services we offer.