Management and Content for Social Media

We are living the explosion of social networks and digital platforms. Therefore, it is essential to plan and organize the content we want to publish. The way we address, the colors, the images, the days and times to publish, the relationship we want to generate. Everything must be managed properly to achieve the desired effect on our audience.

Work process:


We elaborate a grid with the creative content according to the social network and a work Gantt.


Design of creative pieces adapted to the formats and platforms (in case it includes 360º management).


Publication, monitoring, weekly metrics of the content.


We live digitally, with information 24/7, always on. We are users, viewers, decision makers, micro-influencers. We are the generation that changed the way we share content. Learning to manage social networks is the next step: there is no content without context.

Milagros Storto

creative copywriter at CROING


Management serves to anticipate potential problems and be able to solve them in advance.


Creative, innovative and differentiating content is able to position itself in the digital ecosystem and capture the attention of users.


Differentiating yourself in the networks through content is key to survive and stand out.


The periodicity in digital platforms helps you stay in the top of mind of your audience and attract potential customers.


In CROING we have a team of specialists in creative copywriting, social media management and planning, social marketing, art direction and graphic design. We manage and create valuable content for our clients’ social networks.