Motion graphic videos

Video or digital animation that creates the illusion of movement through images. Motion graphic videos allow communication to reach the target in an effective and entertaining way, making the content stand out and be seen for a longer period of time.

Work process


We create the main concept of the videos together with the client.


We develop scripts and storyboards as in a physical production.


We design and animate the videos, it can be 100% animated, or combine image videos with character or text animations.


The same message can be transmitted in different ways, you can be one more boring text, or stand out from your competition with motion

There’s too much content in the digital world these days. Motion Graphics is a resource that allows you to communicate your message and capture the attention of the audience.

Natalia Sanguineti

Art Director at CROING


It is the preferred content for digital users.


It condenses complex ideas into clear and entertaining content.


It's much cheaper than a video produced on location and with cast.


It is inclusive as it is made with animated characters and subtitles.


Good content is the priority in 2020.

At CROING we have a team of specialists in storytelling, art direction, illustration and animation. We recommend explanatory and informative videos, banners and gifs because we know that they enhance the scope of any action. Learn more about other services we offer.