Programmatic buying allows the acquisition of strategic online spaces in an automated way to impact the desired target at a specific time and place. Through Big Data that stores and processes data, the audience is segmented and the right advertising is offered on the right platforms. Through this technology, ads can be shown in a wide digital spectrum: news portals, niche blogs, mobile apps, digital radio & podcast, digital TV, among others.

Work process:


Strategy development according to the type of campaign, brand objectives and appropriate target.


Elaboration of digital and creative pieces adapted to the different media.


Through artificial intelligence we determine the strategic means to capture the attention of potential customers.


Now that the digital ecosystem is increasingly broad and full of competitors, programmatic campaigns allow finding the right audiences for a brand according to segmentation and objectives, go out and look for them in non-traditional spaces and optimize the budget to get the best result at a low cost.

Camila Lessire

Account Manager at Croing


Defined and strategic shopping of digital spaces with Artificial Intelligence and data analysis.


Greater reach to the specific target in the right place at the right time.


The budget is invested in a more optimal way.


Campaigns with better performance and higher ROI.


We are a group of marketing and advertising professionals and specialists who know the importance of online advertising spaces and how they can benefit our clients’ campaigns, that’s why we seek to innovate and focus efforts through new tools such as Programmatic.