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Dec 22, 2020 | Culture | 1 comment

This year we started it as we finished it, looking for a new paradigm of organization known as Teal, which came a few years ago proposing a new way of organizing, where self-management is mainly sought, working fully and pursuing individual purposes.

“The Teal model is the consequence of the evolution of the organized human being, who understands as obsolete the old paradigms that are focused on hierarchies, productivity, and even empowerment.”

To analyze the Big Bang of this structure, we can observe the decline of ancient models, which although they have produced an essential material for the human being in 2020, it is also the product of inequalities and cracks that can hardly be sustained in the future. The family organization model then evolves to one comparable to a living brain, a flock of birds or a school of fish, where the group advances without identifying a single leader at first glance.

Collaboration is essential to achieve this, and unlike the competition that seeks to divide portions of a cake, we try to find creative solutions to enlarge the cake, multiply it, and exponentiate it to levels that we had not previously imagined as a company, and that is also applicable to society.

The cases of analysis happen every day and can and should be seen in every situation that arises, be it the choice of music in the office (or in the zoom meeting), in the acquisition and investment of resources, or in the move of the offices, always prioritizing the relationship between the people involved (collaborators, clients, suppliers), then the interests: WHY are we looking for this?) and finally: the positions of each one (what are they looking for).

It takes time. It takes more time to resolve each of the situations that occur in this way, and it’s always sought that there is no one strongly disagreeing with the final decision, although not everyone agrees. It seems contradictory, but we believe that the world is not only white or black, gray tones are involved too. 

It’s a bit utopian, yes. It’s a little crazy, yeah. Trying to do so has shown us that it can be done, sharing everything, rejoicing together in triumphs, and overcoming failures together with empathy and drive.

It is a one-way path that transforms the organization day by day, making us grow, gaining confidence, raising our voices and reaching goals that take us further every day.

By Nicolás Franco, Culture & Technology - CROING

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  1. Anggie

    So glad we’re doing this!


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