We distinguish ourselves or we become extinct

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You surely have heard the highlight “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the British band: Queen. This universally known song bears a differential stamp, not only for its length but for the ingenious mix of musical genres. Bohemian Rhapsody has managed to distinguish itself by being a completely different piece from the songs of the moment, becoming a movie in 2018. The characters, colors, locations and songs built the branding of the film.

The set of creative, communication and design strategies that are used to create a brand is what is known as branding. In other words, everything that a company, brand, product, service or person communicates (and not) which in turn determines its personality and its essence. As a creative and digital agency we know that creating a brand or a differential and innovative product within the market is key to being able to exist. 

And we have searched for this with our client Moveler, a Show Travelers mobile app that provides information about locations in different parts of the world where recognized scenes from movies and TV series have been filmed. Our client came to the agency in search of a motion graphics video, however, from our experience and perspective, we advise starting a branding process that includes naming, colors, logo, shapes, typography, etc. It’s about conceptualizing the brand until it is possible to create its personality and identity. This includes awakening and generating new sensations for whoever encounters the Moveler.

Once the branding of the brand is done, we continue with the app design. Design and functionality focused on providing a pleasant and easy-to-use user experience. UX / UI design is essential to make an app attractive, interactive and responsive to the needs of the audience. If the user feels lost as soon as he opens a page or an application, they may not go back in and we will lose them.

Finally, having gone through both steps, a motion graphics video is designed as requested by the client. The interesting thing about this experience is that the branding strategy leads us to develop much more than a video. We were able to build Moveler’s identity, that intangible value that must be promoted every day to keep the brand alive.

Remember that the identity of your brand can be communicated in many ways and for that, having solid strategies is what will help you differentiate yourself from the rest: either we distinguish ourselves or we become extinct.

By Carolina Didulski, Content & Communication manager at CROING.


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