Web design and development

A website must attract and retain customers through design and user experience. A Web design project must be aligned to the company, brand or product and developed around the best user experience. The website must have a clean, safe, fast development with SEO care to achieve the expected online positioning.

Work process


We design aesthetic proposals for the web, microsite or landing.


We develop the site considering the necessary functionalities and user experience to achieve sales and brand positioning objectives.


We adapt the company’s communication to the website so that it is easily understood by users, generates impact and builds loyalty.


It’s obvious, your company needs a functional and properly designed website.

Otherwise, your potential client won’t trust your product, service or company.

Nicolas Franco

Head of Technology and Culture at CROING


It conveys that the company, brand or product is reliable.


It allows you to offer all the information and products or services to potential customers in one place.


It facilitates the sales process, whether or not it has e-commerce.


Key to the positioning the company, brand or product through search engines such as google.


Web design is more powerful that you think

At CROING we have developed more than 50 websites with high performance and speed, we have a team of UX developers and designers who guarantee the quality of each page, and that the user navigates and responds to the Call to Action proposed. Click here to learn more about other services we offer.