Work from home: What did we learn this year?

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Dec 22, 2020 | Social Media | 0 comments

2020 brought with it a wave of changes. Although the new times already anticipated that work would progressively become remote, the pandemic forced us to jump fully into innovation and the digital world.

At CROING, a creative and digital agency, we know that the marketing and advertising industry has developed new skills to ride the wave and not be left behind. New trends, platforms, new designs, marketing and communication strategies. Everything has changed, but in what way?

1. Networking.
One of the greatest opportunities that virtuality offers us, is to connect with people around the world but, even more, to exchange with purchase decision-makers, agencies and companies of all sectors. Brands used this as an opportunity to offer their services, generate value, and have a more direct approach with their audience.

2. Online conversation.
The virtual world is clarity, focus and depth at the same time. The very structure of video chat platforms has defined our ways of communicating to the point of becoming more specific as well as penetrating.

3. Digital fluency.
The multiplicity of tabs speak about the versatility of spaces that virtuality provides us. We become hosts of seminars and events online all the time. For example, CROING used the resource and organized a multiplicity of online talks and a webinar, allusive to the topic (Innovation opportunities and challenges in the face of an uncertain 2021) to be able to penetrate more channels and reach a larger audience.

4. Value content.
The inability to go to shops in person has led brands to reinforce the value content in the different communication channels. It offers much more than a service or product, solutions, new experiences and more human content are offered.

5. Keep calm.
To do this, it’s important to establish a clear and realistic routine: take note of what has been done and estimate what was pending for the next day. At CROING, we use Notion to maximize our productivity without losing our cool. It’s an all-in one-workspace that allows us to organize tasks, reminders, specific projects and more data.

What was the plot twist your agency had this year?

By Martina Musso, Community Manager at CROING.


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