Gen Z basics: the generation of the future today


Gen Z (or centennials) is the first generation born and crossed 100% by the digital and technological world. They are multitasking and live with at least 3 screens during the day so it’s not surprising that their attention span is only seconds. They are the most diverse and inclusive generation with a great interest in the social and climatic changes of the moment.

But, why is it important to know and understand their goals?

Possibly it’s the type of audience you’ll encounter if you redirect your communication and strategy to digital platforms. Although they are true digital natives, they are great critics of everything that happens on and through the platforms and social networks. Knowing their interests concerns and needs can be useful for your planning.

They are the first full-mobile generation: they use their smartphones to stay connected and informed all-day, they are attracted to always-on content, they feel more confident with online communication and preferably through images or emojis. The great innovation and technology of mobile devices allows GenZ to perform most of their activities online being streaming and gaming their highlights of the moment.

Centennials have started to play an increasingly relevant role in e-commerce, some of them already have economic independence and therefore make their own purchasing and consumption decisions. It is interesting to note that centennials look for value over price in what they buy and that their purchases are influenced by friends or acquaintances rather than by public figures.

They are, so far, the generation with more concern and occupation in their health and wellbeing, whether physical, mental and/or economic, that is why physical exercise has become a great interest in this group, along with personal and work ventures.

Seeing centennials as partners and collaborators, and not simply as consumers, helps us understand how the current digital ecosystem is structured and how relationships are built within it. If you manage to capture these axes properly, you will achieve the match with this audience.

How does Gen Z approach crypto differently from millennials?

Millennials might be in a place where they are trying to settle down or are working to have their family. Maybe they don’t have as much time or ability to take as large of a risk with NFTs.

Gen Z has been more outspoken and able to take those risks considering their age profile. NFT are redefining ownership for digital natives.

The new generations are the present of the new creations.