By Anggie Salazar

In the digital world everything is changing all the time, looking to be more appealing, easier to use or in this case more human like.

A new wave of AI is bringing new possibilities to a tool that has been here for a long time but with some issues that could make it look not very helpful to us all.


In CROING we stay in touch with the latest in digital innovation through our innovation hubs, weekly reviews of what’s new with part of our CROINGERS sharing what they know and figuring out how we can apply it to better our services and fulfill our clients needs, and even what they don’t know they need.

More than a chatbot

Companies for decades have searched for automated solutions that can resolve customer requests as well as humans, or better.

This AI model has been designed to generate text with a more natural flow, giving you the feeling of conversing with a real person. When you type in a query, you should receive a response that includes several sentences or paragraphs. This is a new advancement in the field of automatic text-generation AI.


Chat bots like GPT are powered by large amounts of data and computing techniques to make predictions about stringing words together in a meaningful way, in this way it can be a communicational tool beyond a simple chatbot, that can help you think about different options regarding a subject.

It not only tap into a vast amount vocabulary and information, but also understand words in context. While the best results come from inputting a statement, questions are also accepted. 

Get creative with ChatGPT

At CROING we’re using ChatGPT as a way to create an array of content, ideas and concepts in the same time we created only one before, and getting feedback from a tool that is powered by data, taking advantage of AI means innovation, and that’s what we’re all about.