How to innovate

in an ever-changing digital world

By Anggie Salazar, NFT Business Developer at CROING

1. NFTs have revolutionized digital art, music, gaming and increasingly marketing and advertising. What new opportunities arise for an agency like CROING in the face of this new volatile phenomenon?

The opportunities are there for the bold to take, at CROING, we believe in innovation and the future of communication, that’s why we’ve always been flexible to change and that’s a great advantage in the digital world.

NFTs represent the future, a future in which any brand can have a chance to connect further with their audience in a completely new never-seen-before way, a future where a user can make decisions about the future of their favorite brands and projects.

Only the flexible will be able to take advantage of this new era.

2. What results are expected in the short, medium and long term for brands that have already included NFTs in their marketing strategies?

Right now even though there are a lot of projects happening and succeding, big brands are still trying to understand how to do it, however big players like Adidas, Pepsi and Burberry had hit the ground running becoming pioneers on risk taking. We’re looking for the next innovative brand that’s willing to bet on the future.

In the short term there’s a lot of research being done to completely understand the market and its implication, but this revolution is not gonna stop, just like it happened with social media, in the long run, everyone will have a Wallet, an nft collection and a say in the development of these projects.

3. How can CROING help a brand create a successful NFT Project?

We start by understanding what’s the goal audience of the project and what specific benefits the brand have to offer to their audience, from that we come up with the branding and the name of the project.

Then we strategize the roadmap the benefits become part of the roadmap, it’s a key point to be able to engage the audience early on, a team work between the brand and CROING to understand a detailed, achievable roadmap to work with.

The art creation is our specialty with 2D or 3D projects we create the collection and assets and market the project through community engaging art, social media, web design and development to achieve sold out and continue building momentum even after that.

4. CROING is an agency that looks for innovative ideas everywhere, which projects have caught your eye and why?

Right now I’m a declared fan of two particular projects:

Fly Fish Club

Fly Fish Club (FFC) is the world’s first member’s only private dining club where membership is purchased on the blockchain as a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) and owned by the token-holder to gain access to our restaurant and various culinary, cultural and social experiences.

I became interested on this project because its founder is a marketing entrepeneur that I admire, Gary V, this is a case of study for a lot of brands looking to be in the NFT space.

Nudie Community

Nudie Community is backed by an all-female team with the goal of empowering women and encouraging them to transform and sprout their wings in the male-dominated NFT space. The team aims to launch a DAO where 1 NFT will count for 1 vote with a fund created from 5 percent of mint sales and 25 percent of the second-market royalties. Members will be able to vote on how to use the fund next as the sole controllers of the DAO.