4 keys 4 a successful NFT project


Every brand is either entering or wanting to start working on an NFT project of their own, but with NFTs starting to be mainstream, it’s getting harder for new NFT collections to stand out from the crowd. NFTs  are been developed as the new digital access that gives direct benefits to a brand’s community and we want to tell you the 5 keys every brand needs to consider to enter successfully into the space.

At CROING, we work on creating communication strategies to help NFT projects succeed, this are 4 keys that we’ve used:

1. Create a storytelling

Any successful NFT project needs a story of their own, even if you have a brand, this story needs to be portrayed as something other than the brand’s story and specifically made for the project. In order to develop the story, a brand needs to think about their target and what’d make the project significant to them, different from others and relatable.

2. Build a community on social media

Start on twitter and make your way from there, asking questions about the art and letting people know about the story of the project and encouraging participation. Twitter is a main player on the NFT space, even now you can change your twitter image with an NFT one that gives you proof of ownership, having your community start changing their profile picture will give the project.




Twitter is king and the place where NFTs live. It is one of the best places to learn about upcoming projects, discover its communities and keep up to date with certain projects. Finding projects on Twitter is really easy and it is also the place where you can market your own NFTs and collectibles.

Spend time in places where NFT artists and collectors are. Discord is another important platform to build and share information related to your project, invite people to join discord after building a strong foundation within the platform. Discord is a great place to find NFT projects but it is not always the easiest to use . Every NFT project, community or influencers that respect themselves will have a Discord server. Discord is a community-oriented text/voice/video chat app with mostly private, invite-only spaces called servers. It is this special emphasis on communities with shared interests that make them stand out from other platforms, it allows you more than any other platform to:


  • Reward early members to talk about your project/collection and invite their friends. A good idea for rewards is future NFT drops.
  • Keep rewarding the community to share their new piece, thus driving more demand to your new collections.

3. Doxxed your team

Dox — past tense: doxxed; past participle: doxxed

In order for the project to have validity you might need to doxxed your team, it means to release their information; name, experience, involvement on the project. This help the community understand more about what the project can accomplish based on its team.

4. Invest time in marketing

An ad campaign is important to start traction towards your project, regular users will of course see your work, and they’ll get even more exposure. Find the community for the niche of your collectible set and target them. Sports, movies, games, these are all enormous communities and with the right themed and marketed collection, you should be able to pierce part of that market share easily.

Every project is different and the most important thing is for your brand to drive all strategy towards their target. That’s how we develop strategies at CROING.