Recently, some brands have started to join this new interactive era and the metaverseas well. These collections venture into the nostalgia of another era, either by taking a specific element from it or in its design. Why do we love retro things? Because of its style? Because perhaps they bring us memories of other times? Well, these collections have been able to use these factors to their advantage.

Nickelodeon NFT

The first Nickelodeon NFT collection to be sold on the Nickelodeon marketplace debuted 10,000 (ten thousand) unique portrayals of Rugrats and Hey Arnold! characters. The Nick NFT drop was powered by Recur, an NFT studio that enables brands in sports, T.V., and film to enter the metaverse. This NFTs can be collected, traded, and turned into Slime. The collection was realease on July 15th. You have to register for your Nickelodeon NFT account so you’re ready to buy.

Each fifty dollar pack gives you the chance to unlock 1 of 12 classic Nickelodeon characters from Rugrats or Hey Arnold!.


Each character NFT will have a Slime Score based on their rarity of attributes. There are only 5,000 (five thousand) Slime NFTs available. Each Slime you earn gets you closer to collecting one of the highly coveted Mashup NFTs. But you’ll need a full set of 10 Slime before you can turn them in for an all original Mashup. Mashups are bespoke characters that combine two different characters—one from Rugrats and one from Hey Arnold! into something entirely unique.

90s Babes

An NFT collection that celebrates our history as agents of change with the goal of guiding more female rebels into digital revolution. The project has amazing traits that resemble some of the most iconic pieces of 90s history, they organized discord games, movie nights and activities around nostalgia. They believe that empowered women can transform lives and truly change the world. And global change starts within local communities. When you own a 90s Babe NFT, you get to enjoy 100% Commercial Rights, Receive Community Rewards, Join The Babe DAO, Access Live Events.


Friendship Day NFT

The new collection was to celebrate the anniversary of International Friendship Day. In this case they were Generative and sharable NFTs, This NFTs were and to celebrate Frinship because they were only revealed once they are shared with a friend. This NFTs consist on COKE bottles that have a diferent designs with bubbles on it.

Coca Cola said that ther wanted to expand their Real Magic’ community by building connections through a variety of physical and virtual Coca-Cola experiences.
The NFT collectors will have access to rewards and benefits. Like Coke Studio-powered experiences, gaming events, early access to Coca-Cola Creations and limited edition product releases.”


Friendship box NFT
The collection is called “friendship box” this collection had 4 unique digital objects. The design consists of a 1950’s Coca-Cola vending machine, decorated with a friendship theme, which inside includes the other three objects. But if you are asking How did they do it? Coca-Cola partnered with Tafi, a Utah-based startup that creates avatars and other virtual content. So, in this case the 1956 vending machine includes: -A metallic red bubble jacket that is inspired by the company’s old delivery uniforms. -Digital versions of Coca-Cola collectible cards from the 1940s. -A “sound visualizer” that features classic Coca-Cola sounds, like the opening of a bottle of Coke. The Coca-Cola launch was from July 30 until the second of August at OpenSea, Joshua Schwarber,senior director of global digital design at Coca-Cola said that this collection gave them the opportunity to explore the space that the digital space gives them. And also bring them the ability to make things in motion and make artwork come to life or to be able to reimagine our assets in new and to create these kinds of multisensory opportunities.

The NFT space is evolving so rapidly that the different companies have to evolve day by-day. What other nostalgic and retro collections do you know? It’s there any other brand, show or movie from the past that should have their own NFT Collection?