The land of the Metaverse


The Metaverse creates a universe of opportunities for more digital artists, collectors, creators, agencies and brands to build new spaces to interact, reach and engage with their community and in turn drive business.

It is interesting to note that when proven technologies emerge, widespread access increases market opportunities and Spatial has become a key Metaverse platform for the promotion of NFTs and graphic pieces with potential to be sold.

Spatial allows users to create their own 3D spaces in the Metaverse through which they can organize and participate in virtual exhibitions of NFTs arts, meetups and live events. At the same time, Spatial has an integration with the Ready Player Me platform that allows users to create a full body 3D with a selfie of their faces. This opens up an opportunity for diversity of expression as users have the freedom to manifest themselves not only through their physical attributes but also in the way they wish to be perceived.

Once this fully customized avatar is created by the user, the virtual platform offers a multiplicity of immersive rooms to meet and interact.

These immersive digital spaces generate the sensation of experiencing something totally virtual in real time. And that is where the barriers between the digital and the physical are nurtured and interconnected, giving rise to the metaverse. Spatial connects our avatar with our body, generating emotions in the physical plane as a product of the digital plane.
– Moises Gonzalez, 3D designer and developer

The platform has become so popular and useful that it has been used to launch a collection of 5000 Luxury Penthouses NFTs featuring reception areas for conferences and online events, screening rooms or live broadcasts, bedrooms with extra-large beds, terraces, dance floors and jacuzzis, and a helipad with an animated helicopter. Owners of these virtual spaces can invite up to 50 guests to their penthouses and exhibit their other NFT collections or personal works.

Spatial seeks to help more artists and creators exhibit, sell their work and therefore increase their popularity and business by building on the magnitude that the metaverse is having for many collectors, investors and big players. With many leaders from different industries looking to benefit from the potential of the Metaverse, the creation of The Metaverse Standards Forum has become indispensable. Open to any organization at no cost, the Forum encourages the development of interoperability standards for an open and inclusive metaverse, and seeks to accelerate its development through pragmatic and actionable projects. With a Forum promoting initiatives in the metaverse, more innovative platforms like Spatial find a solid foundation for operation and expansion.

What are you waiting for to land on Spatial?