teal organization

Alejandra Salazar


Nicolás Franco

Co-Founder & Culture

Anggie Salazar

Head of marketing

Ana Da Silva

Head of Design

Yanira Hernández

Adm & Finances

Natalia Sanguinetti

Art Director

Milagros Storto

Creative Manager

Moisés González


Carolina Didulski

Account Manager

Juan Pablo González

Content Creation

Amal Noufouri


Camila Lessire

Account Manager

Julieta La Biunda

Community Manager

Delfina Junqueira


Fernando Micozzi

Web Developer

Carelyn Lado


Verónika Reyes

Social Media Manager

Thiago Mokosian

3D Designer

Michelle Salazar



CROING is a creative and digital agency specialized in branding, innovation and strategy. Our structure is unique. Made up of 90% women in hierarchical and creative positions, CROING seeks to foster new dialogues and create changes in the industry.

Our horizon is marked by innovation and horizontality. This allows us to enhance communications incorporating digital trends that adapt to the demands of the moment and consumers through long, mid & short form content and avant-garde design. In addition, our commitment to horizontality leads us to think of collaboration over competition as the way forward.


Our portfolio reflects the commitment, professionalism and passion with which we work year after year.


Clients who trust CROING participate in collaborative sessions through which our agency seeks to understand their communication issues, their context and the people with whom we will be involved. In this way, together we will achieve better processes, KPIs and innovative and effective executions.