Lately some Collections are not interested in creating a Discord like Moon Runners but they still keep people engaged. 

People say that a pro of not having Discord is that you avoid the number of times the servers can be hacked, and also some of them feel obligated to participate actively to access to certain information, sneak peaks and alpha.

But we say Discord has its own pros.

Discord gives you the ability to get personal with your like-minded community members rather than spamming links at them. The community it’s the core of every NFT Project, knowing what they want, what they expect, even the way they talk is crucial. Not only to check if you and them are going in the same direction but also to know if there’s any other resource that you can use. 

Just to give an example, Goblin Town always stays tuend with their community, they hear the jokes, the memes, the theories to the point they created a whole new Twitter account to keep the jokes and lore running.

Discord offers solutions for this and can be a massive piece of your strategies going forward as you aim to meet their expectations. 

Other pro is the personalization of the space, as we mentioned before in other articles, design is not just the aesthetic, is also a powerful tool to reinforce your story’s NFT, the way you communicate, etc. So having multiple channels with the topics your community is interested, the possibility of sharing emojis or personalized stickers of the brand, the little internal events, all of this are ways to stay in touch with the community in an organized space. 

Basically, for us Discord is not something “old” or “useless” is the perfect space to keep in touch with your community in a personal level. If you take care of them in Discord they will grow in every other platform.