Twitter: the main social media for NFT, explained by CROING


As many know, Twitter invites us to be creative, direct and capture the attention of our users in just 280 characters. But this is not so simple if we understand the dynamics of the social network, the humor that many users handle and the speed with which certain content goes viral.

However, this, in turn, is what makes this network different: the spontaneity and ingenuity that brands/people must have to stand out among the infinite tweets. Creating a tone of communication around these two characteristics can become a highlight and enhance the relationship with the audience. In addition to establishing and maintaining a certain brand personality, some of these characteristics have made it the number one platform to be implemented on any brand’s NFT strategy.

Twitter announced a new way for users to authenticate their profile pictures, fueled by **non fungible tokens** (NFTs). This comes as good news for NFT owners who have been uploading jpeg images of their digital assets as profile pictures. This feature lets users link their accounts to their crypto wallets, the blockchain apps used to manage cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Twitter then confirms that the user’s wallet holds a given NFT, and displays that NFT in a special hexagon-shaped frame that serves as proof of legitimate ownership.

For NFT owners, the opening to social media presents an opportunity to add value to their holdings, both by providing a new way to show off what they have and by broadening the circle of engagement beyond the population of established crypto users.

Understanding the importance of creativity and spontaneity, how to achieve a better performance on Twitter?

  • Be brief and direct.
  • Use your ace up your sleeve: gifs.
  • Lean on trending hashtags and conversation threads to reach more people.
  • Build and maintain a communication tone and personality.
  • Be interactive with other users and brands.

At CROING, we use Twitter to add value to conversations with potential customers, either in a fun way or by keeping a certain tone to the tweet. This has allowed us to get the attention of big brands like Maybelline, MAC, Slack, Dribbble, Baileys, Diageo, Notion, among others. if you are an brand and want to use your social media presence to channel potential buyers to your NFT gallery and you’re not all in on Twitter, you’re misallocating resources.

Have you already included Twitter in the communication strategy of your NFT project?